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Taste of the Himalayas


Hariyali Sabji
Assorted green vegetables cooked in homemade sauce.
Chicken Asparagus
Premier chicken breast meat which is baked in tandoor oven and then cooked with fresh asparagus, Tomatoes, garlic ginger and taste of the Himalayas special Sauce.
Pork Vindalu
Boneless hand selected premium pork loin slow cooked with authentic aromatic vindalu sauce, a popular Goan dish (India) with touch of Himalayan herbs and spices.
Lamb Shank
Slow cooked Premier quality Lamb shank with tomato, onion and special Nepalese herbs and spices.
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a. Appetizers
b. Vegetarian Tarkari (Curry)
c. Chicken Dishes
d. Lamb Dishes
e. Tandoor Dishes
f. Sea Foods
g. Biryani
h. Side Order
i. Dessert

"Berkeley's Best: Taste of the Himalayas"

"Berkeley: A new Taste of the Himalayas brings the magic of momos to Shattuck location"


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